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We Win For You.

Every victory matters. Here are some of our biggest to date.

Local No. 1 Wins Another Appeal

Johnson + Krol defends Illinois Iron Workers in 7th Circuit Court

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Johnson + Krol cuts through unpersuasive arguments from an employer charged with contempt.

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Nothing Ambiguous About It—A Court Order is A Court Order.

Sell an Iron Worker Short. See What Happens.

Johnson + Krol hammers a business owner attempting a noncompliant property deal.

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Johnson + Krol wrangles joint liability from a commonly controlled company and its separate locations.

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Nice Series LLC. We’ll Go Ahead and Sue that Entire Corporation.

Setting the Record Straight on Disability Pension Benefits

Johnson + Krol got to the truth behind one iron worker’s denied benefits claim.

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Johnson + Krol defeats fraudulent employers attempting to skirt liability.

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Mechanic Pensioners, 1. Fraudulent Employers, 0.

"Separate" Company Caught Red Handed

Johnson + Krol scores a win for Chicago pipefitters in an alter ego liability case.

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Johnson + Krol shuts down employers setting up non-union shops.

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Piercing The Corporate Veil, One Secondary Corporation At A Time

If It Walks and Talks Like a Signatory Shop, It's Probably An Alter Ego

Johnson + Krol exposes a signatory shop's sister company that was trying to evade payments.

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Johnson + Krol wins big for pipefitters and HVAC service techs fighting corporations skirting obligations to employees.

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Entangled Sister Corporation Gets Straightened Out

Cincinnati Plumbers Come 1st Vs Secondary Shops

Johnson + Krol continues its win streak versus secondary corporations dodging responsibilities.

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